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2013 Calendars from Dynamite

2012 is only a little more than half over but already comic book publisher Dynamite Entertainment has made up calendars for the far-off coming year.

This October Dynamite Entertainment will be releasing three calendars. Each will be 24 pages long and measure 12" x 12" for $14.99 (I'd personally rather click the top right-hand corner of my computer screen, but I wouldn't be able to look at cool comic book art then...).

The first calendar is "Warlord of Mars 2013." Done completely in color by artist Joe Jusko (The Savage Sword of Conan), this aptly named calendar features artwork from the Warlord of Mars comic books.

Warlord of Mars 2013 Calendar
Dynamite's second calendar, titled "Jungle Girl 2013," has several pieces of art by Frank Cho (The Mighty Avengers, Conan the Cimmerian, Liberty Meadows).

Jungle Girl 2013 Calendar
The final calendar is "The Tolkien Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt 2013." The Hildebrandt brothers are known for their Lord of the Rings calendar artwork and their careers as artists for DC and Marvel Comics. Fourteen pieces from the artwork of the Tolkien calendars for Ballantine Books from 1976-1978 are being reprinted in this collection of calendars masquerading as one.

The Tolkien Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt 2013
These are the perfect gift for fans of calendars and classic comics that span outside the traditional Dynamite Entertainment realm and spam into the world of barbarians and rings.


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