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2013 is a New Year of FIFA and Madden

Sports games are a huge part of the gaming industry and the most well-known name in sports gaming is, of course, EA Sports. Two strong titles for EA Sports are going to carry them through this next year and, as always, they promise new innovation on the old concepts sports gamers have come to love. By the end of the conference EA promised quite a bit with FIFA '13 and Madden NFL '13.

The first big change coming to both games is their new addition of Kinect functionality. The “Better with Kinect” mentality seems to be seeping into more and more of the usual blockbuster titles which inspires mixed responses across the board. This has most likely forced the direction of how Kinect has been implemented into these games: voicing commands to your teammates. To those of us who have dreamed of stepping back before a hike and shouting out that clutch play to score the winning touchdown, then the voice commands will give you the opportunity to scream over the roaring crowds in the comfort of your own living room.

FIFA is seeing quite a bit of tweaking surrounding the first-touch mechanics. First-touch basically dictates how well you react to passes and such depending on your skill level as a player. This will add a lot of dynamic difference to the game in small ways varying up how quickly you can gain control of the ball or how accurate you are with passes. They are also updating dribbling mechanics and the AI of your team to better follow your intentions when attacking. It’s the little things like this that truly give a game life and character.


With Madden NFL '13 the goal and mindset of EA is to bring a fresh breath of creativity and ingenuity to the title. Utilizing the brand-new Infinity Engine they promise to simulate physics that you can feel combining new impact and momentum technology. EA is also changing up career mode by introducing a concept referred to as Connected Careers. This will bring a novel way of expressing yourself through your actual career of playing the game via social integration with friends, simulating twitter feeds, and generating unique storylines.


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