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3DS Simulator Tomodachi Life hitting NA, EU in June

In a surprise Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced that the quirky life simulator Tomodachi Life will be released in America and Europe this June.

The series has been a hit in Japan, with the DS version selling over three million units and the 3DS successor selling over one million. After many hints that the game’s heading west, it seems Nintendo’s keeping the Tomodachi name. Tomodachi is the Japanese word for friend, which is what the game’s about: making friends.
Tomodachi Life has you importing or creating a Mii and having it move into an island with other Miis that’ll be imported via ways like StreetPass. Unlike other sims like Animal Crossing, this one really focuses on your character and what it does in life. Your Mii will speak throughout the game and will have a customizable personality, it’ll dream crazy scenarios and get in fights with other Miis, and it can go on dates with other Miis and can fall in and out of love. To prove it's point, the funny Direct had Nintendo’s Bill Trinen and Reggie Fis-Aime lose their confession of love towards Metroid’s Samus to the company’s president Satoru Iwata.
Nintendo seems to be very aggressive towards marketing the game since they hired Christina Aguilera to promote the game, and to even have her Mii available to download at launch.
Tomodachi Life will be available in North America and Europe on June 6th at both retailers and the Nintendo eShop.


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