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44Flood Joins with IDW Publishing

44FLOOD is an artist collective which hasn't been around for very long but has already established a reputation for producing wonderful art books.  Now, the collective has joined with IDW Publishing. The publisher will be printing 44FLOOD's future projects. 44FLOOD was formed by Kasra Ghanbari (Monocyte), Ben Templesmith and Menton3 (Transfusion, The Memory Collectors). All three have fantastic artistic skills. If you want to create a horror comic book, these are the people to draw it. Together as 44FLOOD they produced the popular anthology TOME and the sequel Explictus Est Liber. Then they released Lust, which was promoted on Kickstarter and was a combined effort of 44FLOOD founders Templesmith and menton3 as well as Steve Niles (Pieces for Mom, Frankenstein Alive, Alive). 44FLOOD Partners The CEO of 44FLOOD, Kasra Ghanbari, spoke about the partnership with IDW Publishing: "We're proud and excited to be partnering with IDW Publishing to co-develop and distribute a number of our diverse projects... As creators, we've had a long relationship with IDW and have always admired their development of fantastic, original comic book series, as well as beautifully conceived art books. IDW is uniquely suited to work with us in commercializing the arts-driven projects we've developed and continue to create." The CEO and Publisher of IDW Publishing had similar positive things to say about the men behind 44FLOOD: "Obviously, we've known Menton, Kasra and Ben for a long time, and we've worked on great projects together already... But it was obvious right away that with 44FLOOD, they were all taking it to the next level. These are artists at the top of their game, and we're thrilled to be taking on their new material." TOME I'm also very excited to see these two partner up. I love the work I've seen from all three of 44FLOOD's founders and I look forward to seeing what they're going to do at IDW Publishing. For more information about what 44FLOOD and IDW Publishing will be doing together, check their Twitter and Facebook pages for announcements about new projects. I'll also be keeping tabs on the two and fill you in on any horrific new announcements. It's a happy Halloween for horror indeed.


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