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5 Games to Play With the Family

Here's the scene, you're gathered around the living room with you beautiful family, dad is half asleep, mom is fully asleep, and you just like to look at everyone while they sleep. In comes your family! Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, they come in with their food and their children. What are you going to do to pass time? Rock, paper, scissors? No, the answer is video games. Here's what you should play.

Rock Band-

It doesn’t matter what game in the series you play, Rock Band is guaranteed to bring you and your loved ones constant fun. With its accessible instruments, it doesn’t matter what age you are, Rock Band has something for everyone. For someone who can’t follow the note highway, try some singing! For the punk teenager, try some drumming! And for the old, try the keyboard! Because old people like the keyboard, right? Rock Band also features a wide variety of songs to play, some for the old, some for the young, and some for the downright crazy. Take for example, the Spongebob DLC.

Kinect Sports-

While punching grandpa in the face is something you’ll never do, in Kinect Sports, you can deliver jabs and uppercuts to grandpa’s avatar in the boxing mini-game! And don’t forget team ping-pong, where you and your dad can go against the famous Kudo and show him what exactly the bottom of an avatar’s foot looks like! And when you’re done with that, play some bowling. Where you can eat turkey, while bowling a turkey!


Madden NFL 11-

Everyone loves football; it’s simply an established fact. Google it. So when Uncle Franco comes barging through the door with his fat turkey and snobby kids, challenge him to a game of Madden! And while you’re at it, make sure he picks the Lions, they’re terrible. Then once you beat him, he’ll surely go to the bathroom and cry, while he’s doing that, steal his turkey! That’ll set him in his place.


Uno is a blast, even if you’re terrible at it; it’s still fun to hear the cute little “Uno!” voice. And on top of that, everyone has Uno, and everyone knows how to play. It’s crammed into our brains at birth; unless you’re one of those color blind babies. It’s one of those rare games where you can invite little Cousin Annie over to play and she’ll immediately know what to do. But don’t hop online, people have vision cameras, and know how to blind little Cousin Annie for life.

UFC Undisputed 2010-

And here comes big strong Brother Barry. He thinks he’s all that with his big muscles and not flabby stomach. Fire up UFC Undisputed, because he obviously loves hitting guys, and start a nice little virtual fight with him. Pick Rampage Jackson (he’ll pick Brock Lesnar, mainly because of that sick sword tattoo) and just start wailing away on him. If you win, you celebrate in victory, saying “I’m better than you!” And if you lose, throw your controller, go to the gym, work out for five days straight, and challenge Barry to a real fight. You’re guaranteed to win.


With all kidding aside, I know I speak for everyone here at the Player Affinity family in wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Stay safe, and keep visiting Player Affinity. Because we like that stuff.


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