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5 Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

"The Less Scary Stuff For The Kiddies"
Halloween is upon us. Get ready to break out your costumes and Halloween dish ideas for that party you're throwing. Grown ups, we understand, may come up with many of the tricks of Halloween as we know them, but why should they be the only ones enjoying treats? Thankfully, that is not completely true as there are loads of treats for kids to enjoy aside from candy and their favorite costumes. I thought we'd try something a little different this year and look at five films that kids can get into this Halloween. Monsters Inc. (2001) Monsters_INC First up, is one of many Pixar classics, Monsters Inc. One of the things that screams Halloween is the age-old "creature feature". Movies that typically revolve around escaping the evil inhuman monster that wreaks havoc on fearful and unsuspecting towns. The funny thing about this kid-friendly flick, is that these monsters are quite human in that they have feelings and tremendous heart. They also know how to have a great deal of fun, which ultimately is what Halloween is all about. Monster House (2006) monster-house-2006-11-g We have all heard at one point or another in our lives about that one house on our block that no one seems to live in. It's the one house that always has its lights off every night and particularly on Halloween, it's the one house that no kid ever dares to go up to. Everyone believed that house was haunted, right? Right. Monster House, is a film about one such house that has a lot more spirit and character than most haunted houses. This fun flick has moments of genuine silliness (in a good way) and is surprisingly poignant at times. It is the story of three friends who stumble upon a haunted house and over the course of their journey, they unearth the secrets of the house that explain all the strange goings on. Sounds like this film as all the makings of an adventure some mischievous kids would love to embark upon. Coraline (2009) Coraline-007 Based on the fantastic novel by Neil Gaiman, this movie captures the very spirit of the book and brings the characters to life in a satisfying way. This one is a more unconventional pick for a Halloween flick, but the core of this story, with its strange characters and surreal setting, felt right in line for the season of trick or treating. Few kids have not had the wish that their parents were a little different. Perhaps they wish their parents were more fun and less boring. Perhaps they wish their parents would let them eat as much candy as they wanted on Halloween night. Young Coraline is one such child who might have liked certain things about their parents to change. Yet, it takes her having a truly strange adventure to realize that her parents might not be all that bad. The Addams Family (1991) Addamscfb14eeea2a287313f66eca305dcbae7 Ah, The Addams Family. This was a favorite of mine as a kid. Everything about them from their names (Morticia, anyone?) to their clothes, to the house they live in, which looks like a home from an old horror film, to the lone hand Thing and Cousin It, makes this one a perfect comedy for Halloween that kids and parents alike will enjoy. Need I say any more? While you are at it, you might also check out the equally entertaining sequel, Addams Family Values (1993). Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) hpprisonerofazkaban-trouble1 Yet another unconventional choice on this list. This film is the first time audiences get to see the terrifying Dementors (a perfect name for these enemies) so wonderfully brought to life. The hooded, faceless enemies of Harry Potter and his friends manage to give one good idea for a simple Halloween costume. Voldemort is nowhere to be found in this film, but his presence is certainly felt. The primary threat that Harry must do battle with is the Dementor, the guards of Azkaban prison, which if you do not know, is responsible for taking away all the joy and warmth making its victim feel perpetual despair. Sounds spooky enough for Halloween, doesn't it? There are tons of other kid-friendly movies to get into this Halloween. Let us know some of your picks! Until next time, trick or treat. Choose wisely.


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