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5 Shows That Should Have a Musical Episode

In the past, many television shows have tried their hand at creating musical episodes. Some have been successful (Scrubs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and others have failed (Grey’s Anatomy). With the rise of the Broadway musical Hamilton as such a phenomenon, I have a feeling musical episodes will make a comeback, or at I least I hope they do. Here’s my list of the top 5 shows that should have a musical episode. iZombie
iZombie is my top choice. I think it would be pretty easy to incorporate into the storyline. Maybe Liv eats the brain of a murdered Broadway star who just happened to be in Seattle. Then she can image every scene as a musical. I’m not sure if anyone in the cast has musical theater experience, but I have a feeling they could pull it off. At least we know that Blaine and Liv can carry a tune, thanks to past episodes. PLUS this season also featured “Do You Hear the People Sing” from Les Miserables. Creating a musical episode is the next logical step. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
This would be another one that would easily fit into the world of the show. They live in New York and Titus has already established that he sings and wants to perform on Broadway. They could easily have an episode revolving around his next audition with everyone helping him prepare. It’s basically an excuse to hear more brilliant songs like "Peeno Noir" and hear Tituss Burgess sing. And, considering both Burgess and Jane Krakowski are bona fide Broadway musical stars, this isn't a huge leap. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Four Ways to Fix Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D This would be a little more difficult to fit into the storyline, but maybe an Inhuman could have powers that make everyone sing? The only real reason I want this to happen is because of Joss Whedon’s success with other musical episodes like Buffy’s "Once More Time, With Feeling" and Dr. Horrible. I’m not sure how the cast would feel, but I think it would a solid hour of television. Broad City
I have a different idea for this one. Instead of a traditional musical episodes, I think Broad City could do a lip sync episode. We already know they have the skills from the episode of Lip Sync Battle that Abbi and Ilana were on. Plus, there was that Lady Gaga scene from the second season. I think it would be a fun and different way to incorporate music and dancing into this already fantastic show. Mr. Robot MR. ROBOT -- "br4ve-trave1er.asf" Episode 106 -- Pictured: Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson -- (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)  I had to throw a curve ball unto the end of this list. Sam Esmail is a brilliant writer and director, plus the show is known for its perfect song song choices. I think it could be an interesting challenge. Besides don’t we all want to hear Rami Malek sing? These are just a few of the shows I think deserve a musical episode, but I would honestly watch any show that took on the challenge (and for people looking for more songs in their TV viewing right now, CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend churns out the musical goodness weekly). I think it’s an interesting concept for any show to tackle. Whether it's a success or a complete disaster, I think these types of episodes can draw a decent audience. With the rise of musical events on television, we will have to wait and see what kinds of trends this leads to. We already have The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hairspray coming later this year, but I think there’s a gap when it comes Broadway-themed shows. What shows do you wish had a musical episode? Hit the comments below!


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