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500 Far Cry 3 Beta Invites To Come

Far Cry 3's multiplayer was unveiled a couple months ago, but now they are asking for players to test out their latest offerings. On consoles only, Ubisoft has announced that they will be giving 500 players keys to participate in the closed beta of their upcoming island FPS in order to try out these additions to the game. Multiplayer in Far Cry 3 will consist of six classes and up to 16 players competing in both team and free-for-all variants of play. The two modes revealed thus far—Domination and Firestormare a little bit of the old and a little something new.

Domination is your typical capture and defend variant. Teams will begin on either side of the map and be required to capture and hold nodes around the terrain in order to gain points and ultimately win. Firestorm is similar, yet makes use of the fire mechanic which developers tried so hard to play up in Far Cry 2. This time, teams will still begin at either end of a map and defend their teams nodes in order to win. What makes this mode unique, is that when a player captures an enemy node, they are actually setting fire to the landscape, fire which will spread and eventually engulf some area of the map. This creates a dynamic obstacle, adding a layer of complexity to each map for anyone attempting to traverse a now engulfed area. It also means that players will have to remain constantly aware that around the next corner, their old base could be completely engulfed and waiting to swallow them whole.

Only 500 keys are being given out for this stage of the beta, so get on it soon! Ubisoft has stated that more players will be permitted to enter the beta leading up to its September 4 release date. Fans in the US can secure a beta position for themselves by pre-ordering Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the console of their choice before May 22.


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