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6 New 52 Cancellations and 6 New Titles Announced

Six of the "New 52" titles (52 titles re-launched recently last year by DC Comics for the benefit of new readers) will be cancelled to make room for six new series. I was very disappointed when I heard about the cancellation of two of my pull titles: Static Shock and Blackhawks.

The official list of casualties are Blackhawks, Static Shock, Mister Terrific, Hawk and Dove, Men of War and O.M.A.C. The new list of titles are Batman Incorporated, World's Finest (a.k.a. JSA), G.I. Combat (OK, now we're just brazenly waving the G.I. Joe comparison in people's faces), Earth 2 (which will feature Earth 2's Huntress and Power Girl), The Ravagers (a spin-off of Teen Titans) and Dial H. I am looking forward to is Dial H, a title that is supposedly taking a darker outlook along the lines of Animal Man and Swamp Thing and is written by award-winning fantasy novelist China Miéville.

After not having his own solo title since the 90s', Static finally had a shot at going solo once again and was doing a decent job. The villains were getting interesting, our hero was always had some humorous lines in him and, overall, McDuffie would have been proud of what had become of his electric-powered hero. Unfortunately, Static will no longer have the opportunity to put a shock to anyone's system – at least, not in his own series.

Blackhawks was also a sadly axed title. It was more than the constant comparison to G.I. Joe that it was often accredited to. The series had intriguing technology and an interesting (if very monotone) villain. The individual characters, when not getting lost in the shuffle, were very entertaining.

Even Mister Terrific, which I heard from many was a "terrific" (pardon the pun) title, even featuring the super-heroine Power Girl (now is when my suggestion to bring her back in her own title could be adhered to, but we will also be able to enjoy her in Earth 2 title), could not be spared the ax.

I'll admit, none of the casualties are striking. None of them were selling as well as the bigger name-brand bat-books or the acclaimed Animal Man. The only issues that I have read from the cancellation list were mediocre and had pacing issues, but they also had some stand-out moments that I thought would have been enough to keep them around at least a little longer. Hopefully the characters of the cancelled titles will make appearances in other 52 titles for their few fans to enjoy.

What did you think of these now deceased titles? Did they deserve the ax, or are the new books just going to take up clutter space in comic stores? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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