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’68: Rule of War Arriving in April

Image Comics has easily established itself as the go-to comic book publisher for quality zombie horror. Aside from the obvious fan-favorite, The Walking Dead, they’ve also been putting out the series, ’68, an undead thriller of global proportions, but which is most notably set in Vietnam during the war. Now, the creative team is looking to expand, as ’68: Rule of War, a four-issue miniseries, has just been announced. Mark Kidwell, Jeff Zornow, and Jay Fotos are the creative super team behind these historical zombie thrillers. As purists of the genre, the “‘68” title is as much homage to Romero’s 1968 release of Night of the Living Dead as it is a reference to the tumultuous Vietnam War. About this, Kidwell was quoted saying, “If you take that birthdate as gospel in the creation of the zombie sub-genre, it’s a no-brainer that the conflict in Southeast Asia would have become an instant, overnight hell teeming with hungry ghouls and unburied war dead.”


  As most quality zombie horror does, ’68: Rule of War will be as much about the brutality of human beings as about the flesh eating dead, and they seem to have selected the perfect setting to explore such themes. Somewhere in Cambodia, a crazed and sadistic neurosurgeon is using P.O.W.s as human lab rats. The goal: create an army of mindless bloodthirsty soldiers. It’s up to CIA Special Agent Declan Rule and Nero, his uncompromisingly loyal canine, to find the source of these atrocities and stop them. It will also follow a group of soldiers attempting to navigate Vietnam following the conclusion of the war. They’re trying to make it home, but staying alive might be the real challenge. ’68: Rule of War #1 is set to make its debut on April 2nd of this year. In the meantime, check out earlier installments to ’68, a series that’s sure to send chills down your spine.  


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