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7 Minutes of Rage gameplay footage

Right off the bat we get a clear declaration that tells us this footage is actual gameplay. Which is understandable after what happened the last time iD software showed their new engine at E3. The game looks phenomenal, no doubt about that. I had heard recently that the enemies in Rage will behave far more intelligently than other shooters, yet after watching this I can’t really see anything that different. They move around a lot, sure, but they don’t seem to do anything other than just run straight at you. These do look like your typical grunt enemies so hopefully we’ll some new bad guys who can back up those rumors.

The gunplay looks incredibly tight and fast paced, everything from reloading, switching weapons or ammo types looks a little faster than other shooters. Rage also looks very violent; heads exploding, bodies turning into mulch...  Whether the gore will have a mechanical presence is unknown at this point. The weapons all seem to have that over the top element to them that you might expect from the minds behind Doom and Quake, I mean the crossbow has Mind Control arrows, you certainly won’t find that in Halo. Rage is set for release mid September for Xbox 360, PS3 and of course PC.


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