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7Psychopaths #2

They say to kill a manic you need at least seven psychopaths and a whole lot of luck. At least that's what Colonel Thompson and Professor Goldschmidt believe as they continue their hunt for a team do just that... kill a manic. Once acquired, the team can end the second World War by assassinating Hitler.

November 7th, Colonel Thompson receives a call informing him that a solider that was horribly burned while fighting Nazis in Berlin is in custody. They bring him in due to the fact that he has a habit of being a fire bug and has trouble adapting to civilized life (being horrible burned will do that). But before Thompson and The Professor can add him to the team he catches fire to the truck that delivers him. Shorty after that Smith, the brilliant mathematician that enjoys electroshock shows up and tells the Colonel that he has Churchill's approve to go on with the mission. With the team now at seven, the rigorous airborne trainings begins.

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/7Psychopaths_02_CVR.jpgThe team attempts to bond, but they'll be none of that, with little time and such a dire mission in the balance. Once on the plane William Stewart shows off by turning on a few of his fellow psychopaths with his sidearm. Stewart reveals to a wounded Susan (the sniper), that he was just apart of the program to pick his time to escape. Then the plane is blown out of the sky from enemy fire. Spreading our would be heroes all over Germany.

The art from Sean Phillips (Criminal, Sleeper) is the crowing jewel in the book. The detail in the art adds to the depth to the story. It creates a used and war-torn world that does the era justice. But when it comes to the narrative from Fabien Vehlmann (Green Manor), everything starts to feel rushed and sloppy. The Professor is hell bent on there being seven members on the team. When shit his the fan and they're all separated on the ground he's like whatever, we just needed seven until Germany. Then while on the plane William persist to tell Susan he joined because he heard about the team. How? It was a secret and there was little to no planning, which all happens in the span of days. How did a prisoner even find out about a insane plot to kill Hitler using a bunch of crazies? Before that the math genius gets a hold of Churchill gets him the thumbs up for Colonel Thompson mission! WHAT? He was just in an insane asylum, now he's getting face time the PM of England? On the plane Susan is shot in the leg, two days later shes up and walking around like nothing ever happen. Did she get shot with sugar bullets? A lot of inconsistencies in the story.

There is something about 7 Psychopaths that wants to be intriguing, creative and refreshing. But it isn't. The idea which was slowly built and flushed out in the first issue is thrust into mediocrity in the second. The idea being as interesting as it is with the seven psychopath never seems to get its justice with these terrible plot holes. With the way issue two ended hopes are low for the third.

Story – 6

Plot – 3

Art – 8

Overall - 5.7



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