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8th & Something: Early August Mobile Kickstarter(s)

8th & Something is back and tackling our monthly favorite mobile Kickstarter(s). Truthfully, the iOS and Android productions are few are far between with only a handful being remotely interesting, and even less, that I actually want to play. Today, enjoy the collection of interesting and anticipated apps, the down-right strange, and the 100% laughable (still better than anything I could design). I won’t go as far as to label them as such but your massive mind should filter the worthy from the worthless. Kickstarter can be awesomely-awful and awesomely-awesome =)

Stunt Runner

What caught me about Stunt Runner is the endearing manner it plays on physics. In the vein of the Trials franchise, Stunt Actor Smash Johnson is flung in multiple directions as users will place objects all over the map to violently guide the action-man to his destination. The graphics are smooth and it just looks fun; the way something played with your fingertips should feel. I like! I like!

Wars and Battles

Most iOS and Android strategy games are my slice of cake (or is it pie?). Wars and Battles takes historical fights and settings and lets you control a beautifully 360 degree rendered map of carnage. I’m looking forward to marching on opponents in turn-based military action.

DinoWars Evolution

Good for gaming adults and kids, DinoWars Evolution is a cool take on turn-based strategy. Taking an educational and RPG perspective, players will take their dinosaurs in fights against the terrain and other like-carnivores (maybe a few herbivores too) and will be watch them evolve into better versions of their extinct selves. My question: will the T-Rex ever get properly sized arms?

Edo Superstar

This one is a quandary; it looks like something I would want to play (a fun JRPG with a fighting monkey). But after seeing the gameplay, I backpedaled faster than Usain Bolt runs forward. I appreciate the art yet the "I'm skeptical" factor keeps me out of the deep-end of its pool.

App Game Kit V2

This dev kit was funded relatively quickly. Here’s to the hopes of better gaming apps coming out of its primordial ooze.

Food Chained

Eat creatures that are a rung lower than you on the “food chain”. Sounds cool. Looks like “hmm”.

Ghost Encounters

Its port was funded less than 2 days ago, bravo! I haven’t played the Mac or PC versions so my opinion is absolutely lacking some background. I don’t mind a point-and-click if it’s engaging so potential for liking is there.


Oh Kickstarter, you are such the jokester…


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