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A Burger King Kinect Game May Happen

You remember those terrible Burger King games? You remember Kinect coming out in a few months? You want a Burger King Kinect game? Well boom, son. It’s happening, come to your home Xbox console this holiday. Now you can eat a Double Cheese Burger, Fries, all while flailing around aimlessly! The future is here, folks!

“Following up on the groundbreaking promotional lollapastravaganzas Microsoft and Burger King launched in 2006 with the legendary collectible burger-based game triology (which included Big Bumpin', Pocketbike Racer, and Sneak King) this next endeavor of human triumph now uses the revolutionary powers of the Kinect motion sensor to give YOU, the player, the power to experience virtual burger consumption satisfaction like no planet of the solar system has in all of history!!”

Well this couldn’t sound any better than it does. I have nothing to say but why? Lollapastravaganzas? Really? If Microsoft really wants to boost their line-up, how’s about adding real games? And not Burger King? Just a thought.

This piece of Gold will be released sometime this holiday, no further information has been announced.


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