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A Comic Cover is Worth 300,000 Words… and Dollars

A cover from the famous Robinson collection of comics will be coming up for auction. The comic, Detective Comics #67, only has a cover, and is expected to draw $300,000. Robinson was the artist of the cover and one of the original members of the Batman legacy, helping create the Joker and co-create the first Robin, Dick Grayson.

Detective Comics #67 is only one of three DC comic covers from the Robinson collection that are from 1942, during the WWII era. Detective Comics #67 is even more of a gem because it features the first cover appearance of the villain, Penguin. The collector, Robinson, was the one who penciled and inked this cover, which features Penguin riding an ostrich while fighting off the Batman with his umbrella... only in comics.

The two other rare comics appearing at the auction from Robinson's collection are Fred Ray's Action Comics #46 cover, which features Superman and is worth approximately $100,000, and Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's Adventure Comics #73 cover which features the Manhunter, worth approximately $150,000.

The auction house featuring these works is Heritage Auctions and it is the third biggest auction house in the world. Check out their site for more listings of comic book memorabilia and other priceless artifacts.

Detective Comics #67 drawn and inked by Robinson featuring the Penguin's first cover appearance. 


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