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A Game Of Thrones: The Game: Of Thrones Coming This Month

A Game Of Thrones: Genesis, based on the A Song of Fire And Ice books, has its release date set for the end of this month.  The PC title is a real-time strategy game which also lets players forgo the battlefield to use politics, assassination and espionage to seize the Iron Throne.

Although titled after the first book in the series (And the TV show), the game will follow events spanning the full history of Westeros, even depicting events that occur before the books.  Thanks to author George R. R. Martin's rich backstory, and his personal input on the story, the game will have a deep, authentic story in the single-player campaign.

As should be expected of this genre, there will be multiplayer.  Up to eight people can backstab their way from head of a noble house all the way up to King.  It features some interesting units that reflect the source material, like the Bastard, who must be kept secret, lest the discovery lower a noble house's standing.

A Game of Thrones - Genesis is a PC exclusive, and will be available for retail, or digital distribution on September 29th.  Pricing has not been announced yet.  See more at the AGOT-Genesis website and check back here at Player Affinity in a few weeks for our review.


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