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A Game Of Thrones: The Game: Of Thrones

When your book has the word "game" in the title, and it’s about men with swords fighting monsters, you can be pretty sure that it’ll get a video game adaptation sooner or later.  Such is the inevitable case with A Game of Thrones, which recently was adapted into a successful TV show, and a table-top Role Playing Game.  Now it is becoming a video game called A Game of Thrones - Genesis.

First of all, the game is actually based on the entirety of George R. R. Martin’s series A Song Of Fire and Ice which has five novels so far, and more a-coming.  A Game of Thrones is the first book in that series and, obviously, the recent hit HBO series has raised name recognition of A Game of Thrones to the point that it surpasses the series as a whole.  Yet, despite the title, A Game of Thrones – Genesis covers events that span a thousand years in the land of Westeros, following story lines from all of the books and the lengthy backstory that precedes them.

The single-player campaign was worked on with Martin’s input and will let players experience the story of A Song Of Fire And Ice from the year –750 through 299 (Using the calendar of the fiction realm, of Westeros, of course), and the multiplayer game will pits up to eight players against each other trying to take control of the Iron Throne.

It will use a real-time strategy format, but with a heavy dose of politics and intrigue.  Before declaring war on your rival houses, you’ll engage in all the back-stabbing, bribery and assassinations that come with running one of the eight noble houses trying to gain control of the Iron Throne.  Units include Spies, Assassins, and Bastards that can be played to raise the prestige of your house, or lower the prestige of others. 

Of course eventually all of these courtly maneuvers will lead to inevitable war at which point the game will take on more familiar RTS behavior like amassing armies and battling it out in locations set all over Westeros.  Early images show the expected land battles, and sieges, but we can also see that there will be battles at sea, and even knights on dragonback making aerial strikes on villages!

A Game of Thrones – Genesis is being developed by Cyanide Studios who make the Blood Bowl games, and are behind the upcoming Of Orcs And Men, another promising fantasy game.  They also have some experience in the RTS genre with the game Confrontation which is currently in development.  That’s a lot of new games on the plate for this smaller French developer, but early screenshots and media look good, and all of Cyanide’s projects are worth keeping an eye on in the future.

A Game of Thrones – Genesis is being published by Focus Home Interactive who previously worked with Cyanide on Blood Bowl, but should also be known to gamers for the Runaway trilogy of adventure games.  The game has been confirmed for PC arriving later this year.  Check in with Player Affinity for more details as they become available.


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