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A Gift From Aperture Science: Portal Is Free

If you're the person who hasn't played Portal yet, you no longer have any excuse to not understand references to "The Cake Is A Lie" because Valve is putting the game up for grabs.  Thanks to a generous grant from the fine philanthropists at Aperture Science (America's leading manufacturer of military shower curtains/ Quantum Tunneling Devices) Valve will let anyone download a copy of the game for free for a limited time.

If you have a friend who isn't into gaming, and just doesn't get your obsession with Jonathan Coulton or your attachment to big metal cubes with pink hearts on them, then this is your chance to spread a little awareness of gaming, and some of the better memes of our little subculture.

This is only for the first Portal game, and there's no discount on bundles containing the game, like the Orange box.  You can get it from now through next Tuesday on Portal's page at the Steam store.  You'll need to create a Steam account, but that process is simple and painless, and you should damned well already have one anyway.  Steam is still holding their usual Weekend Deal, Daily Deal and week-long sale on games by Paradox.


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