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A Green Arrow Tv Show Coming To the CW

First issue of Green ArrowThe CW, which was formerly called the WB, for years has been giving DC Comics based live action television shows for fans to enjoy. Their favorite characters can jump out of the pages of comic books to their television screen. In the past years they have had televisions shows like Aquaman, Birds of Prey, and probably the most successful Smallville. Now the CW is ordering a brand new DC comics television show based on the comic book character Green Arrow. The show they say will probably be called “Arrow”.  

The Green Arrow is a not a new comer to live action television or the CW. Justin Hartley had played the Green Arrow AKA Oliver Queen since 2006 on the television show called Smallville. If you are a Smallville fan like I am you might be thinking like I was. This could be a spin off, but no such luck. When the show was announced by the CW that the show is ready for the green light on the pilot they made sure to mention that Justin Hartley right now is not involved in the project. When I heard this news I was a little disappointed and excited at the same time because this means that the CW can show that they can make a successful DC Comics television show without it being affiliated with Smallville.

 Green Arrow from Smallville
So far we do not know who will be playing the Green Arrow or what supporting characters will be in the show, but we do know that some of the producers and writers are Greg Berlanti (Brother and Sisters, Green Lantern), Marc Guggenheim (FlashFoward, Green Lantern), and Andrew Kreisberg (Vampire Diaries, Fringe). I am excited to see who else will be affiliated with this project and I think if the CW hire the right people this show could be very successful.

I know I am pretty excited to see what is going to happen with this show. I am excited to see what supporting characters will come along on the ride with Green Arrow for the pilot. We might be able see Black Canary, Mia Dearden, Roy Harper, or Connor Hawke. The possibilities are endless. What do you guys think? Do you think a Green Arrow series will be good? Who do you think should play Green Arrow? Who would be some smart supporting characters to put in the show? Tell me in the comments below.


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