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A New Spider’s in Town!

Anya Corazon (also known as Araña) is about to become the new Spider-girl.  This has been a long anticipated action, thought of by fans who first saw Anya in “Amazing Fantasy #1” back in 2004.  Finally, Anya will be Spider-girl in her second ongoing series, debuting next Wednesday.

Fans of the original Spider-girl, May “Mayday” Parker are unfortunately going to yet again lose a series with this beloved character since Marvel does not want to have two ongoing series with characters using the same moniker.  Resentment and mixed feelings about Anya as Spider-girl have yet to make it clear if the book will sell well or not.  Creators promise fans that if they liked the original Spider-girl because it focused on a young girl trying to live up to Spider-girl’s name, they will not be disappointed here.

It is also rumored that a lot of Spider-man’s regular villains will be taking Anya on.  Screwball makes an appearance in the first issue, and Anya will also be battling the Red Hulk in the future! There have been hints that Kraven and his family may also make an appearance.  But Spider-girl isn’t just getting Spider-man’s hand-me-down villains.  She gets her very own villain, whose identity is still being kept under wraps.   

Unfortunately, this is probably the end of the original Spider-girl for a while.  Hopefully Anya will be a good replacement.  The series will be written by Paul Tobin (Spider-man & Secret Wars) and Clayton Henry (Exiles).  The debut release was supposed to be this past Wednesday, November 10th, but the issue will actually debut this upcoming Wednesday, November 17th.   

And if you’re still not sure if you should pick up a copy, see if you can find the August issue of previews to read the first few panels of the first issue!      


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