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A Peek at Season 2 of The Walking Dead

AMC offered a small taste of what's to come in season two for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors, or at least a look at what they'll be facing. Showcasing what may be The Walking Dead's greatest attribute - that being the makeup and effects for the “walkers” - this shot has already excited fans itching for more.

The eyes are a certainly odd (maybe the poor lass was strangled and they went all buggy) but there is no denying that the attention to detail on her skin, lips, and teeth are incredible. Of course where there's one zombie, there's always more. With the mass of them filling the shot it looks like things aren't going to be getting any easier for Rick and company.

Though the first season received mixed reviews (heavily lauded pilot episode “Days Gone Bye" aside), The Walking Dead had the highest ever ratings for a basic cable series.  Because of this, the air is still thick with anticipation for the premiere of the second season, which is slated for October and will likely be a part of AMC's Halloween lineup. Hopefully with a longer season of thirteen episodes the production will provide more time to develop the characters and perhaps recapture some of that magic that made the pilot so special.


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