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A Plethora of New MvC3 Characters Announced

Capcom and Marvel have definitely had some fans guessing at what characters will make it into Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The roster is already packed with heavy hitters from both camps, but recently four new characters have been announced. The first two: Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath, are DLC exlusive characters and have been known about for a few days due to a Gamestop mistake. The second two are thankfully unspoiled and we can be in awe of their combined might.

Zero from the Mega Man series and She-Hulk from the comic of the same name are ready to lay the beat down. Here are their character trailers:



She-Hulk seems very much to be a middle of the road character, with very balanced strengths and weaknesses. She is moderately fast and decent strength but neither attribute really gives her a set play style. Experienced players should be able to find combos that play to her speed and strength.
Zero on the other hand is an absolute monster. He has quick attacks that hit hard. He can chain combos up to 20 hits easily, even if it is the same combo over and over. His only apparent weakness is that he seems to have lower HP than the other characters, but that doesn't exactly matter if you can't hit him.

The new characters are great; however, Zero does appear to need a bit of balancing as evidenced in this video. With the character list almost approaching the 30 character prediction, there may not be many more character announcements to cover. You can expect Marvel and Capcom to bring out a few more big guns before it is all said and done.


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