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A Preview of Earth 2’s Batman

Promoting its upcoming Earth 2 series in May, DC has provided everyone with a look at the character design for the Batman of that world along with some comments from editor Pat McCallum that should give fans plenty to speculate over. More Earth 2 designs are promised to come throughout the week.

One thing that is made clear is this is not the same Earth 2 that DC fans are familiar with. Perhaps even moreso than the main Earth, Earth 2 looks to have been heavily reimagined. We will see for sure in May when Earth 2 releases courtesy of writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott.

“Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter?”

Earth 2 Batman

“Right out of the gate that should tell you we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here. More ruthless, dangerous…the costume is familiar and yeah, there is a Wayne under the mask, but we’re looking at a man desperate to save the only family he has left. EARTH 2 is about to become a very bad place to be a bad guy.”

McCallum seems to have chosen his words explicitly to get people speculating. By Batman's daughter, we no doubt assume Helena Wayne, the future co-star of Worlds' Finest. But then, why does McCallum specifically avoid saying that this Batman is Bruce Wayne? A Wayne? Along with that, the design for Earth 2's Batman strongly resembles like what you would design as a Batman costume for Dick Grayson with the sticks and the Nightwing-esque bat insignia.

Maybe McCallum is just having some fun with us. Or maybe Earth 2 is home to one Richard Wayne, last man standing of the Bat-family and desperate father of an endangered daughter.

I am still not convinced that bringing Earth 2 back is a good idea that fits in well with DC's stated goals of the New 52. But I do have to admit the potential of this other Batman has me more intrigued that I was before. If the other characters DC previews this week show the same potential, I may get more optimistic about DC's decision here.


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