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A Puzzling Quest For An Armored Princess On Sale This Week

Did you enjoy your three-day weekend?  Why not just call in sick for a few more days, so you can play all the cheap games you’re going to buy in this week’s online Sales?  Steam has Puzzle Quest 2 at $13.39, and they’re still listing the entire Company of Heroes franchise at 75% off, continuing their weekend sale.

Gamer’s Gate has an “Awesome Tuesday” of three games by EA at 60% off.  They’re also offering discounts on 15 other titles. 

Direct2Drive has two different games on sale everyday this month: Tropico 3 and Cities XL are up at the time of this writing.  D2D is also doing a sixth birthday sale with a crop of games at $6. Amazon has a deal of the day; for a few more hours they’re selling The Sims 3 and the Ambitions expansion pack at $29.99 and $23.99.  Good Old Games isn’t having an official sale right now, but they are proud to have all eight Kings Quest games available in bundles; $9.99 will get you two or three of them and $29.97 will buy you the lot.

Finally, Impulsedriven.com is still donating a portion of your sale to the Child’s Play charity when you purchase from certain publishers.  So help some sick kids out by dropping $17 on a copy of Kings Bounty Armored Princess, which let’s you play as a pretty princess and ride a winged horse.  You know you want to.



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