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A Quick Look at Mortal Kombat Legacy

If that little short film didn't peek your interest for the upcoming web series based on a reimagining of the MK fiction, then maybe this will. The portrayed characters are confirmed as Jaxx and Kano, who have had somewhat of a documented rivalry in the game story. While the video doesn't reveal a great deal about the series, it's clear that any supernatural elements regarding the fighting are gone, which is a good thing as that can only really be pulled off well in the video games. With MK9 only a couple of weeks away from release and MK: Legacy debuting on the 12th of April, this month seems to be the month for MK fans. I for one am extremely excited about both of these -- it's been a long time since Mortal Kombat made an impact and hopefully the combination of these two should do the trick. Check out the clip below and mark your calendar!


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