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ABC Still Developing Hulk and Jessica Jones Series

At the San Diego Comic-Con last month and at the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour last week, executives from Marvel TV and ABC discussed Marvel Comics projects under development at the network.

Speaking at the TCA, ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee said, "We're extremely excited by having Marvel in the fold. We've developing aggressively both AKA Jessica Jones and The Hulk. Hopefully we'll have two very good choices to look at around the pilot season next year."

AKA Jessica Jones will be based on the comic book series Alias by Brian Michael Bendis, and according to the head of the brand new TV division at Marvel, Jeph Loeb, The Hulk will cover the character's beginnings "when people didn't know about his powers." Loeb who spoke at San Diego Comic-Con seemed to indicate that there will be an emphasis on the love story between Betty Ross and Bruce Banner.

Both Marvel Entertainment and ABC are subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company.

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