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Achievement Unlocked – Bottom of the Barrel

As we come to another release week, the blockbuster season has ended and as the holiday season starts full swing, the releases begin to dwindle down to near nothing. This week is headlined by WWE '12 and The King of Fighters XIII with a few other minor releases that leave something to be desired when it comes to the achievement side of things. WWE '12 has an interesting reminder to everyone who follows wrestling in any fashion with the achievement 'Thank You Edge' which involves winning with him 37 times in a single session. Sadly, from an achievement standpoint, that is one of the only unique achievements that will not come from normal progression and is just grinding through the games. 

WWE 12

However this week did show the release of two DLC packs (not including the Horde Command Pack for Gears 3) that added some achievements and a little more longevity to some solid games released earlier this year. The first is the 'Bloodbath Arena' for Dead Island which, if you missed out on that title, is a free roaming zombie game which offers a multiplayer element that is transitioned seamlessly with the single player experience. The other notable release of the week is the 'Robin DLC Bundle' for Batman: Arkham City, a solid candidate for Game of the Year. This was once a pre-order only bonus, but you can now pick up the pack and play through all of the challenge maps as one of three different variations of the Caped Crusader's faithful sidekick.


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