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Achievement Unlocked – End of the Season

We have come to the final week of one of the biggest release seasons in recent memory and with it have come some interesting and varied achievements.

While not many of the Kinect games have achievements that are noteworthy, this does not mean that they should be ignored.  They have you interact with the game in ways that other games don't; I’m not saying I want to spend hours standing as I play some traditional games, but what Kinect offers is fantastic.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, is the third and final game where Ezio will be the main protagonist. While it is a solid addition to the series as a whole the achievement list is essentially the same as the other games; some unlocks for story, others for minor things, and rounding it out is the multi-player. Mosh is one of the hardest but most entertaining to gain as it requires you to have 10 enemies poisoned at one time.

From Hell’s Heart for Halo: Reach (added with the Anniversary Map Pack) is interesting enough as you have to “Grenade Hug” someone who hits you with a Plasma Grenade.  Halo: Anniversary offers a throwback with the achievement Popcorn.gif for destroying a certain number of a particular Flood species.  Rayman: Origins has Dr. Lividstone, I presume? for finding all hidden crates.

Unsurprisingly the strongest, and by far most bizarre, of this week is Saint’s Row: The Third. When the trailers first showed up the game showed how very little seriousness was going to be involved and the achievement list seems to echo that. Once Bitten…Braaaaaaains is for completing ‘Zombie Attack’, Your Backseat Smells Funny can be obtained for completing all Escort missions, and Ow my Balls! is for getting your first nutshot or testicle assault.

The last, and best, of this week comes again from Saint’s Row: The Third in the form of Stay Classy Steelport which requires killing Gang Members with a giant purple dildo known as The Penetrator and for the Fart in a Jar.

This week offered no achievements for just starting a game, pausing it, or any of that nonsense. Each achievement at least requires you to play the game, and hopefully enjoy it.

Bleep – Achievement Unlocked - Bloop


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