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Achievement Unlocked – Inaugural Edition

Achievements have undeniably become a large part of the gaming world. While some are unlocked simply by completing set parts of a game, others are a challenge of their own by offering a diversion from the main story and sometimes even causing the player to experience pieces of the game they would have otherwise missed. Here are the best and worst for the week of October 30th, 2011.

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party, the first in the series to offer Kinect capabilities, offers you “Prepare to Hunt” for simply starting your first game. However it will also offer you the hilarious “A Solid Defense” and “Bear Kicker”. The former is for kicking 15 predators, bears not included while the latter is for simply kicking a single bear and the flavor text reads, “Have some guts…kick a bear.” Generator Rex: Agent of Providence gives you “I Hate That Bunny” for defeating the EVO Death Bunny, which just seems like a good time waiting to happen.

Both Sonic Generations, a welcome return to the roots that made Sonic such a success, and Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, the re-release of a remake of the original from the days of the N64, offer you a blast from the past with “Supersonic!” which comes from completing an entire level as Super Sonic and “Cheated” for being killed the most times in a public match by Oddjob’s hat. Finally, rounding out the week we have NASCAR Unleashed giving you “Not On My Watch” for crashing a car before it can be repaired while it sits in the pit lane.

Each week achievements seem to get better and worse, so what will next week have in store for us with so many mega hits being released?

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