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Achievement Unlocked – The Return

Welcome back and it seems like it has been forever since Achievement Unlocked has brought the best and worst of the Gamerscore for the week. This week we see the release of the next installment of arguably the scariest game series of all time Silent Hill: Downpour. Coupled with this we find Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, which takes us through all of the big moments of the series, and FIFA Street. Birds of Steel rounds out the retail releases and Defenders of Ardania and Shoot Many Robots dropped onto the marketplace.

Achievements have become a part of gaming for Microsoft, so much now they have begun changing the amount that an Arcade game can have in total. Some companies put achievements in for completing levels, beating the game on different difficulties, all the basic stuff. However some companies enjoy taking a nod at the history of the company or making references to other material. In other cases some of the achievements seem to stab the knife in and twist it. One such achievement that shows this is 'Good Behavior' for Downpour which requires you to complete the entire game without killing a single monster. Difficult? Yes. Does it add a level of tension to that play through, especially if it is the first play through? Certainly but that is the point, of course.

The only other nice nod of an achievement this week, aside from 'It's Tricky' from FIFA Street (I enjoy anything that takes a nod back to SSX Tricky however) is 'Ending E' of Downpour. This is a running gag in those games where one of the endings is something so crazy that it makes the entire game seem like a giant joke, however demented of one. 'Dominate at Fatherhood' and 'Punch Many Bullets' are both found in Shoot Many Robots and one is for completing a mission wearing a baby carrier and the second for punching two bullets -- at once -- and killing two robots. Epic.

Finally onto the worse of this week. This was a toss-up between two; one for Naruto and the other for Defenders of Ardania. Both are for unlocking all the achievements within the game. Of course the rest of the list of Naruto seems to be difficult to achieve and it is worth a whopping 0 points. 'Don't Panic' however is worth 20 points. Having an achievement for unlocking all achievements is lazy enough, but giving it value has won Ardania the worst achievement of the week.


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