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ACRB Rates New Burnout Title

Electronic Arts has been known for teasing fans of the Burnout franchise in the past, and now it seems that another game could be in the works at Criterion. In a database entry, The Australian Classification Review Board, which is the country's equivalent of ESRB in the US, has rated a title dubbed “Burnout Crash” with its origins being in the UK. The author and publisher are noted as EA but the production company is “not shown.” The game is also listed as a multi-platform release and is rated PG (Teen) for mild violence. There is no information on a release date or summary of the title but one can only speculate to either a mainstream or portable release to be announced in the coming months. Other sources indicate that the game is most likely to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.


Criterion Games, the Surrey-based studio behind all of the Burnout games, has done an excellent job revitalizing the Need for Speed franchise with their latest title, Hot Pursuit. It seems like now the decorated company would be free to continue their signature series and follow-up on 2008's highly-acclaimed Burnout Paradise. It has also been strongly suggested by EA that Black Box, the creators of the Skate franchise and Need for Speed World, would be next to tackle the Need for Speed franchise—thus omitting Criterion from the job. This new unannounced title “Crash” implies that the next installment in the series could be more stunt oriented than previous iterations. More detailed information on this new title will hopefully be released and confirmed very soon.

Australian Classification Review Board entry for Burnout Crash


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