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Action Comics 900 Anniversary Issue

David Finch and guest, join Action Comics #900. This isn’t just a 900th issue; it’s the anniversary issue of Action Comics! The Milestone of Action Comics has finally been made, however this story isn’t just about Lex Luthor. With issue 900 being released in late March or early April, don’t miss out on what DC has in store for Action Comics!

Here’s David Finch’s Cover for Action Comics #900:

Superman will be battling his greatest arch nemesis, Lex Luthor in this anniversary issue. How much more information do you need for this awesome issue? But wait – there’s more! Including a 50-page mega story by the team that has been taking over Action Comics for ten issues now, Paul Cornell and Pete Woods, return to write their final issue before a new team of creative writer and artist do issue 901. This oversized giant will have many miniature story lines, which are written and drawn by many talented people who are yet to be revealed!

Get ready for the most coolest issue of Action Comics yet.


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