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Action Lab: Danger Zone Launch Titles

Recently, Action Lab created a new imprint known as Action Lab: Danger Zone. The publisher, known more for its all-ages friendly series like Princeless, wasn't meant to just be for all-age and wanted to cover a variety of genres. So, they created Action Lab: Danger Zone, an imprint created completely for mature titles that are all creator owned with original content. Now, Action Lab has announced the imprint's three first launch titles: Ehmm Theory, The Trip and Ghost Town. Ehmm Theory Ad Ehmm Theory is a horror comedy that features a talking cat and circus zombies. The five issue ongoing bi-weekly series within a mini-series will be written by Brockton McKinney and illustrated by Larkin Ford. The colors are being done by Jason Strutz. You can check out a preview of the comic in Diamond Direct's March Previews catalog. The Trip Ad The second book, The Trip, is a drug fueled horror tale about a group of college students who go to the desert for a weekend trip and when they come back they discover their worst fears follow them home. This actually sounds eerily alike to a graphic novel I read and reviewed once known as Sensory Distortion... and that's because Sensory Distortion, a 96 page graphic novel created by the Bleeding Ink Team and funded by Kickstarter, IS The Trip. Re-titled, this is the same story by Jesse Grillo with the same great acid-trippy art drawn by David Brame and colors by Heather Breckel. I'm thrilled Bleeding Ink and Action Lab are working together. Both companies have the potential to become as big as publishers like Image Comics and I'm rooting that they get there. Ghost Town Ad The final launch title for Action Lab: Danger Zone is Ghost Town, a sci-fi thriller with a triode of features: time travel, an American terror cell, and all out nuclear war when terrorists that aforementioned time travel to send bombs to the future. The creator of this four issue mini-series series is Rob Ruddell, the writer is Dave Dwonch (Double Jumpers) with artist Justin Greenwood (Wasteland) and colorist Brian Dyck. These are the first of what sound like titles that are right up my (and other horror hounds) alley. These three flagship titles will be released in May but you can preorder them now. I can't wait to see what horrors Action Lab will go on to bring us... hopefully they're the good, spine-tingling kind. Other upcoming Action Lab: Danger Zone titles that have been announced and are shipping in June include The Final Plague, Fight of the 80's Undead and Double Jumpers.


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