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Action Lab: Danger Zone June 2013 Releases

If you can't get enough from Action Lab's mature imprint Action Lab: Danger Zone and their first three releases in April, check out their June 2013 releases which include The Final Plague, Night of the 80's Undead and Double Jumpers. These three titles range from rabid animals, zombie and Dungeon Lords. Plus a Subculture Omnibus will also be released in June. Final Plague 1 Ad First up is The Final Plague, an ongoing bi-monthly series of mini-series. The Final Plague will be written by JD Arnold and drawn by Tony Guaraldi-Brown. Mankind is almost at its end. Can one rural family from Iowa survive the onslaught of rabid animals, supposedly amped up by a mutated super virus or will they suffer from the plague ending humanity? Find out with a copy of The Final Plague. Night of the 80's Undead Ad Night of the 80's Undead is the second title coming in June and is a bi-monthly three issue mini-series. It will be written by Jason Martin and the artwork will be done by Bill McKay. The story takes place in 1986. The Russians are trying to fight back against the Americans during the Cold War with bio-engineered Colombian cocaine. Now, the rest of Action Lab's description of this series is just so bizarre I have to quote them for you here: "What happens when two girls out for a good time cross paths with a huge celebrity party hyped up on commie zombie blow?!?! Radical undead action man! Totally!!" Yeah, sounds a little too immature for me but hey, if Martin can write immature well it might be a cult classic. After all, movies titled "Zombie Strippers" have done it, haven't they? Double Jumpers TPB Ad Double Jumpers is a very different comic than the two previously mentioned title which were mini-series and are much more geared toward horror. I've covered this series before (you can more information about Double Jumpers here) because it was a cult hit back in 2012. Finally, the series is being collected in a trade paperback. The story, which was written by Dave Dwonch and drawn by Bill Blankenship, has plenty of comedy and fantastical elements. It features four programmers who find themselves trapped in a virtual reality video game while the original fantasy characters of the game roam free in their bodies and their world – specifically, Las Vegas. Subculture Omnibus Ad The last collection being released by Action Lab: Danger Zone this June is Subculture Omnibus, a book over 300 pages long! This Omnibus is $40 and collects its namesake's mini-series written by Kevin Freeman and Stan Yan, the 501 webcomics publisher from 2008 – 2012, dozens of strips from guest artists, pinups, behind-the-scenes features and has a limited edition hardcover. All these features sound nice, but for people who aren't die hard fans, what's the story about? This is the story of Jason, Arthur, Noel and the Kingdom Comix in which they live and have fun with geek life, addressing aspects of fanboy – and, of course, fangirl – culture. This sounds like something I, and many others, could really enjoy. While these titles don't sound as impressive as the ones released in April, there is always a chance they could be of good literary merit – or, more likely, have the capability of being fun, quirky and mindless reads. Look for Action Lab: Danger Zone's The Final Plague, Night of the 80's Undead, Double Jumpers and Subculture Omnibus in June 2013.


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