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Activision Blizzard’s Largest Profit From Non-Console

Gamasutra is reporting that Chief Executive Overlord...er...Officer, Darth Ko...damn it...Bobby Kotick, claims that 70% of Activision (Activision Blizzard) profit comes from 'Non-Console-Games' (read as World of Warcraft). The rest of the world responds with a synchronous "Duh." The Wall-Street Journal also picked up this insightful little quip from Kotick about his interest in retail sales today as opposed to years passed, "I care a lot less. It used to be, I would religiously look at weekly retail sell-through data, but it's a very small part of our business now."

Incredible, the largest part of their operating profit literally comes from World of Warcraft subscriptions and micro-transactions. What do we call such a business model? "Money Printing via World of Warcraft" is my pick. To think that so much of their profit comes from a single source that the head of the company doesn't care how their weekly retail sales are doing is mind boggling. That's the kind of job I could really get used to.


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