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Activision Comments On Dwindling MW3 Sales

Modern Warfare 3 has been lagging somewhat in sales over the last month or two, 50% of what CoD: Black Ops was doing about this time after its initial launch. Why is that? Is the simple fact that everyone who decided they wanted the game has finally got it and the market for the game is finally drying up? Apparently not, because it’s upsetting enough news to warrant Activision releasing a statement.

But they’re not worried. Eric Hirshberg of Activision had this to say on the matter. “When you have such a successful pre-order program and such a successful launch week I don’t think it’s surprising that the shape of the curve after that looks a little different than the year before.”

Although that massive chunk of sales Battlefield wanted to take out of Call of Duty never actually came, Hirshberg still acknowledges the stiff competition involved. “I would also say there was a lot of great competition in the fourth quarter, there was a lot of must have games that launched right around the same time, and there was also a lot of aggressive pricing activity, and those were two contributions as well.”

Activision isn’t too worried about the whole situation… should they be?


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