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Activision Going Ahead with Lawsuit Against EA

Remember back in 2010 when all that crazy business between the former heads of Infinity Ward, Activision and EA was going on? Well, it hasn't stopped and probably won't for a while still.

In Los Angeles, the California Superior Court has just ruled that Activision can now go ahead with its lawsuit against EA in regards to the departure of former Infinity Ward leaders Jason West and Vince Zampella. A motion filed by the former heads and EA was ruled against by Judge Elihu Berle, which allows the jury trial involving all three parties to go ahead in May next year. Activision maintains its claims that "EA interfered with its employment contract with West and Zampella and aided and abetted the pair in what the company says is the breach of [their] fiduciary duties".

Anyone who has been following this crazy legal battle knows that Activision decided to fire and sue West and Zampella over "breaches of contract and insubordination" to which they responded with claims of royalties being withheld and other claims of poor treatment of Infinity Wards employees.


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