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AEIOU or Any Easy Intimacy – Review

Any Easy Intimacy is an original graphic novel from Jeffrey
Brown that opens a window to a relationship in his life. It goes through Jeff’s
entire relationship with Sophia. The two meet in college via a friend of
friends deal and soon begin hanging out with each other more and more. It
gradually becomes a sexual relationship that rockets the two into a sense of
intimacy as they talk and open up about each other.

The thing I loved about it was that it’s very real and
relatable to anyone that’s been young, dumb and in love. It hits every peak and
valley of relationships so eloquently and yet subtly that it’s a true work of
art. But that’s where to story hooks you in is that you will remember similar
events in your own life, experiences that are practically the same. Maybe the
ending to your story turned out different, but either way this is a strong
piece of work. Jeff says at the end of the book that time has distorted his
memories so the book is more of a work of fiction than anything else.

AEIOUThe art of the story is simple and odd at the same time.
Jeff isn’t going to be picked up by another company due to his amazing art
talent, at least not for the style he’s picked for this book. But he is very
talented and a great visual storyteller. The book isn’t heavy with dialog, but
the emotions are transparent and clear with the art. There are literally dozens
of frames with no dialog and yet the reader can completely understand what’s
going on in the scene.

The book may look thick and awkwardly sized as it’s about
half of the size of a Readers Digest, but the decision to
do so adds to the interesting experiment of the book. The layout and flow of
the book is quick to read and nearly impossible to but down without finishing,
and yet has immense re-read value. Any
Easy Intimacy
is published by Top
Shelf Productions
and is available on their site. I took a chance on this
book picking it up out of the blue and loved it. It was an amazing graphic
novel that was powerful and emotional. The greatest feeling I had was when I
finished the book and couldn’t believe that I had just read a comic that made
me feel so damn much.

Overall Score – 10/10




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