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Affinity Wars – Captain America vs. The Punisher

Affinity Wars is a comparison of two superheroes' relevant-to-the-battle abilities, weaknesses and weapons followed by a play-by-play fight between the two to determine the winner. Today we have two war heroes from the Marvel Universe: the Punisher, Frank Castle, and the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, facing off in a strategic match-up. Captain America – Steve Rogers Captain America icon in Front of American Flag Abilities Steve Rogers, originally a scrawny but brave soldier-aspiring youth, took part in a military procedure that led to him being injected by the "Super-Soldier Serum" (try saying that ten times fast - I can't). The serum made his body double in size, quickly going from scrawny to a six-pack. The serum did not give Roger's superhuman strength but had him reach the highest peak of physical prowess humanly possible. He will never tire, is immune to poisons, has enhanced senses, increased healing and rarely gets sick. Rogers also has great leadership skills attained from leading the Avengers and a unique fighting style mixing together various fighting skills like judo and karate. He was trained in espionage and battle tactics. Weapons Captain America's shield layout including back, side and front Originally, Captain America used a bulletproof shield in the shape of a triangle but gave it away to the Black Panther. Captain America's new shield, also his most notorious mainstream weapon, is considered indestructible, being able to withstand 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit and the Hulk, who's known to pack quite a punch. It absorbs the energy of attacks and can be used offensively. The shield's accuracy is amazing and can be thrown to take out several enemies at once, sometimes even bouncing off walls to do so. And like a boomerang, the thrown shield always returns to the Captain. Also, Steve's Captain America suit is not only a fashion statement in patriotism but has a bulletproof functionality. Weaknesses Cap's suit does not cover his nose, mouth or ears, leaving them exposed. His shield has also been broken before by the likes of Thor, Thanos and Doctor Doom. The easiest way to destroy the shield is by tampering with its molecular structure. His high level of morality also makes him hesitate to go for the kill even if it doesn't seem necessary. The Punisher – Frank Castle The Punisher, Frank Castle, by Moonlight Abilities Castle is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has a great physical condition. He can use any gun and has various torture techniques which he uses to get information. He uses his skills acquired during the war to plan missions in great detail and can turn any situation to his advantage while being able to withstand great pain. Castle also learned field medicine and camouflage techniques for stealthy attacks. He was trained by the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy and Army. Weapons The Punisher's military training has made the Punisher skilled with all firearms. Unlike Captain America, who prefers his shield to a gun, the Punisher usually uses duel handguns with pin-point accuracy and can fight well with a combat knife, but Castle prefers his KA-BAR knife. He also uses explosives to his advantage and tear gas grenades. Weaknesses Frank Castle is not superhuman and has all the vulnerabilities any normal man would have. Some American Punishment Captain America #241 Featuring the Punisher Sitting on a rooftop watching through his sniper rifle lens, the Punisher stalks his prey, Steve Rogers, the legendary war hero known by hundreds of Americans as Captain America. Castle is a war hero himself but begrudgingly admits to himself that if he were to fight the Captain in a face-to-face confrontation without taking him by surprise first, he would lose. Thankfully, he never liked to play fair and began planning his surprise attack. As Captain America, shield in hand, walked down the alleyway, two explosives perfectly placed on the ends of the alley went off together and caused both of Cap's only exits to be cut off. Unfortunately for Castle there was so much dust rising from the fallen debris that he couldn't see a thing. He remained on the roof of the building, waiting for the smoke to clear to get a shot from his already poised gun. Suddenly, before the dust was completely clear, an object sped towards the Punisher's face, knocking the gun out of his hands and quickly disappearing back into the smoke. Captain America had just used his advanced eye sight to his advantage as the dust began getting lighter, spotting the glint of the gun and knocking it out of Castle's grip. The Punisher backed away from the ledge as Captain America made his way up the steps. As he reached the top he was met with a knife to the leg, stunning him for a moment and then trying for his other leg to sever both his tendons and cut off the Captain's ability to walk. He was met by the shield slicing his shirt open as he quickly jerked away, only to have the shield lightly graze his chest. Captain America was left kneeling as his one leg began bleeding lightly. The Punisher knew his leg wouldn't stay that way for long with Cap's increased healing and took his pistol out to end him. Before he could get out a shot, his pistol was knocked out of his hand when Captain America threw his shield. Quickly recovering, the Captain ran forward and knocked the Punisher down with a quick move of his shield. As he stood looking up at him, the Punisher listened to a droning speech about his immoral "One Man War" on all criminals. He had a high morality like the Captain, but the Captain didn't seem willing to kill. Quickly, he got out his spare gun and aimed, missing completely as Captain America thrust his fist into his face. Castle withstood it, using all the force he could muster, and pulled the trigger, clipping the Captain's shoulder, but leaving himself open to another slash by the shield signaling the end of the battle but not the war. Captain America punches the Punisher and says Think Captain America wouldn't be the winner of this brawl? Speak your minds in the comments section. Also wondering why Captain America should or should not be Steve Rogers? Check out the features below for answers. And check out the reviews for the movie and the game. Pro: Steve Rogers Should Be Captain America Con: Steve Rogers Shouldn't Be Captain America 


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