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Agent Carter – The Atomic Job Review

This week on ABC's Agent Carter, things heated up with a heist and a race to disarm a bomb in "The Atomic Job." Luckily, it didn’t end in an explosion. The episode started abruptly with Jason Wilkes waking Peggy up in the middle of the night with a new a zero matter discovery. Apparently zero matter is attracted to itself and he noticed a small sample being drawn to him. The attraction was so powerful that is moved through a glass and onto Jason. After he absorbed more, he became corporeal for a second and suddenly sensed where Jane Scott’s body (from the frozen lake) was being kept. Whitney Frost sensed it at the same time, but was craving move zero matter. The subject of zero matter hasn’t been explained very well so far. It’s unclear why it turned Whitney into a villain with power to kill, while Jason was turned  transparent. They were both there when the jar of zero matter exploded, so it’s weird that they were affected so differently. Hopefully that question will be answered eventually. Now that they knew where to find Jane Scott’s body, Jarvis and Peggy went on a mission to retrieve it, but Whitney Frost got to it first. She said it was calling to her to touch it, which she did and ended up absorbing the zero matter out of the body and then declared she needed an atomic bomb. It was confusing as to why, but it had something to do with wanting to recreate the atomic bomb experiment we saw earlier this season. It seems like zero matter makes those with it want more and more and maybe the atomic bomb can help create it. Either way, now both teams were on the hunt for an atomic bomb . . . which I have to say was surprisingly easy to find. Between missions, there was also a cute scene of Sousa proposing to his girlfriend, Violet. She said yet, but those Peggy/Sousa shippers shouldn’t worry too much, the newly engaged couple was headed for rocky waters by the end of the episode. HAYLEY ATWELL, RAY WISE Back to the race to retrieve the atomic bomb, Peggy figured out that they needed a key to get into the building it is located in. She ended up stealing it from Hugh Jones (Ray Wise). She did so by zapping him with a memory eraser machine every two minutes, which no doubt left him with some serious (and let’s be honest, deserved) brain damage. The next step was getting a heist team together. It ended up being Peggy, Jarvis, Sousa, Rose (who was seen early in the season in a secretary position for the SSR's LA location), and Dr. Samberly (the scientist who makes gadgets for the agents). Whitney and her husband went to assemble their team simply by renting some meat-head guards from Joseph Manfredi (Ken Mariano). Who, by the way, was a very impressive mob boss-type character. I think him and Whitney Frost would make a great villainous couple, since it doesn’t look like Whitney’s husband is interested in Whitney’s newfound evil side. It was really awesome to have two new characters on the team. Rose was especially impressive. Sousa thought she was a secretary and couldn't handle herself, but she was a trained field agent and she was a huge assent to their mission. They got in to where the atomic bomb was and they were about to disarm it, with a few difficulties along the way, including Jarvis getting trapped in the room with the bomb alone. It was quite adorable to see Jarvis panicked, but he was able to remove the uranium successfully with coaching from Sousa. Agent Carter Peggy Carter Meanwhile, Peggy went face-to-face with Whitney Frost, which turned out to be a very bad idea. Whitney tried to zero matter Peggy, but Peggy got away and then fell onto a board of spikes. Definitely not great. Peggy's heist team rushed her to Sousa’s girlfriend's fiancee's house. It’s convenient how Marvel characters always seem to have a nurse friend they can bother at all hours. Anyway Violet was able to help, but she caught on immediately that Sousa had has feeling for Peggy. The women on this show continue to be smart and intuitive, which I really appreciate. In the end Peggy was fine, but that can’t be said for Sousa’s relationship or for Jason Wilkes, who mysteriously disappeared in the final seconds of the episode. Final thoughts: - Zero matter is very confusing. We need some answers! - Even though I hated seeing Peggy get hurt, it was nice to see that she is mortal and can in fact get injured. - I loved the additional characters we got to see this episodes, and I hope we get more Rose and Joesph Manfredi in the future. - Still no Mrs. Jarvis. Where is she hiding? Hopefully we will get some answer in next week’s two-hour episode.
  • Strong female characters: Peggy, Whitney, Rose, Violet
  • Jarvis dismantling a bomb
  • That slow motion heist team walk
  • Zero matter continues to confuse


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