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Agent Carter – Life of the Party and Monsters Review

During last night’s Marvel’s Agent Carter two hour event, things started with Peggy having it all during “Life of the Party,” but by the end of the second episode it looked like she’d lost everything to “Monsters." Everything started out simple enough, with Jason Wilkes urging the team to find a way to make him tangible again. He came up with a complex plan to build a containment chamber where he could stay in his human form while in it, the only catch was that he needed a vial of zero matter from Whitney Frost’s blood. Peggy immediately went to work planning a mission, which started foolishly and only got worse. Since Peggy was still unable to fight, let alone walk without pain, she came up with the brilliantly terrible idea to free Dottie to accompany Jarvis on the mission. While Dottie always adds something positive to the storyline, this plan just didn’t fit what we have come to know about Peggy Carter. I don’t think she would ever let Dottie out just to save one person. Dottie cannot be controlled, unless Peggy is on her A game and letting her out just to save Wilkes showed very cloudy judgement on her part. Of course she put in a few precautions, but going into this episode we already knew Dottie can get out of any situation with ease. Despite all the warning signs, they went out to execute this not so genius plan. Jarvis and Dottie went to a literal political party with the hopes of getting some of Whitney Frost’s blood. Somehow they succeeded, even though Jack Thompson showed up, but Dottie managed to escape. No big surprise there. As soon as they got back with the vial of zero matter, Jason was thrilled and wanted to start working on the chamber to save his life. Peggy, however, only had her eyes set on getting Dottie back into custody. Again this is frustrating for a variety of reasons. She technically accomplished her mission and yet she concentrated on Dottie. Maybe she should have been more worried about releasing her in the first place. After this, things just continued to get worse. Whitney Frost was then able to question Dottie and found out what Agent Carter was up to, which she only did because Frost tortured her and almost killed her with zero matter. Dottie also witnessed Frost killing her husband and a number of other men in the council. Not only is Frost the only person who can successfully torture information out of Dottie, but she is now in charge of the Arena Club. As Peggy and her team were losing control, Whitney was right there to take it. In the second episode, Peggy desperately tried to regain her footing, but only slipped further. She decided to finish the initial mission at hand and helped Jason complete his chamber, which worked brilliantly. So brilliantly in fact that Jason and Peggy finally shared their first kiss. It would have been cuter if Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis weren’t awkwardly standing there watching. So Jason was tangible again, but he couldn't move from his little pod chamber. recaps-agent-carter-01 Now that that was taken care of, Peggy felt responsible for recapturing Dottie. At this point Peggy again came up with a terrible, no-good, rotten idea. She decided that her and Jarvis would go in and try to get her alone. They knew they would be outnumbered so they brought a special Stark weapon to help, called the Jitterbug. Of course it didn’t work like it was supposed to, and they ended up captured right alongside Dottie. However, they quickly got free, because apparently no one can tie knots in this show. As soon as they were free, they realized that no one came to question them, at which point they realized the real trap was set for Mrs. Jarvis and Jason Wilkes. They rushed home with Dottie secure in the trunk. Mr. Jarvis looked so worried the whole time, it was absolutely heartbreaking. They made it back just in time to see Frost running off with Jason Wilkes and shooting Ana Jarvis in the side. This was that hardest scene to watch this season. Ana Jarvis returned only to be shot. Final Thoughts: After just two episodes the tables have turned. Jason Wilkes has been kidnapped, Dottie is on the loose, Ana Jarvis has been shot, and Sousa has been fired. Oh, and I didn’t even mention that Sousa’s fiancee broke up with him. If I were Peggy, I would be feeling pretty guilty right about now. Everything bad that has happened could pretty much be blamed on her in one way or another. Even the witty scenes with Jarvis and Peggy weren’t enough to save the depressing conclusion of these two episodes. Hopefully Peggy has better luck in next week’s two hour event.
  • The return of Ana Jarvis
  • Dottie being a great villain
  • Witty banter with Jarvis and Peggy
  • Peggy making terrible decisions
  • Ana was only brought back to be used as collateral damage


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