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Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere – Review

"The Lady of the Lake" and "A View in the Dark"
After a long hiatus, Agent of Carter returned with a two hour long premiere, which included two episodes, "The Lady of the Lake" and "A View in the Dark." Both episodes worked well together to set up season two, with some new villains and allies as well as the old characters we all grew to love in season one. The first episode was filled with introductory information, but it still remained exciting. The story begins a little while after the events at the end of the first season. Daniel Sousa is now a chief in Los Angeles in the new West Coast SSR office, and he is soon joined by Peggy after a mysterious death investigation in opened. Peggy quickly comes to his aid, leaving Dottie in the hands of Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), who proves unable to handle her. Dottie is quickly taken into custody by the FBI, which was slightly disappointing, since her scenes with Peggy have been so entertaining, but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her. Agent Carter Peggy Carter season 2 Back in LA, Peggy is brought unto the case of the “Lady in the Lake” killer who was active years ago. The detective on the case, Andrew Henry, believes the serial killer is back when the body of a woman is found frozen in a lake. Peggy is somehow the first one to notice how bizarre it is that this has happened in LA. So they investigate whether the frozen lake even has anything to do with the dead body. Peggy, with the help of a Detective Henry, find out that the deceased woman has a connection to with a corporation called Isodyne. Peggy sneaks into the Isodyne lab to learn more and meets James Wilkes, a genius scientist who makes the perfect glass of wine. He asks Peggy out, but she quickly declines saying she doesn’t date people of interest. carter3 While in LA, Peggy conveniently meets up with Jarvis and we FINALLY get to meet his wife, Ana, who is delightful. They are watching the Stark LA property while Howard is out of town. This includes wrangling a flamingo. Nothing brings me more joy than Jarvis chasing a flamingo, aka The Devil in Pink. Ana Jarvis is already becoming a favorite. She’s so cute, supportive, sassy, and, best of all, she isn’t threatened by Peggy. Usually a show would use this as an opportunity to create a love triangle, but I’m glad they seem to be avoiding that particular trope. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Mrs. Jarvis in future episodes. flamingo Eventually they discover that the woman found in the lake was causing the freezing reaction and that the detective has also been affected. He goes a little crazy knowing he is infected and he kidnaps James Wilkes, thinking he can help, but instead he gets shot by a cop and shatters. Pretty cool special effects there. In the end of the first episode, we see Wilkes standing in front of a weird mass of material in a cage that looks suspiciously like the teleporting stuff from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Could it all be connected? wrestle Episode two opened with maybe the best cold open in Agent Carter history. Peggy arrives at the Stark estate to find Jarvis working out in a wrestling leotard. He then challenges Peggy to wrestle. Of course she ends up on top of him just in time for Mrs. Jarvis to step outside, but Ana could not have cared less. Instead, they share some witty batter about how they practice so often that she knows all of Jarvis’s weaknesses. It was quite adorable really. I’m fully prepared for a Jarvis family spin-off. datenight Back to the case at hand, Peggy is still investigating Isodyne and finally finds a lead with James Wilkes. He decides to confide in her, but does so by tricking her into a date. I had a hard time deciding if I liked Wilkes. He seemed trustworthy at first, but then we saw him with the mysterious matter and then I wasn’t so sure. He does show Peggy a video of the day they discovered what they call Zero Matter. It absorbed a whole crew, plus their vehicles and equipment. It does seem to react just like the portal in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wilkes was the one who helped create a way to contain it. Eventually they get the idea to steal it, which, of course, turns out horribly. While James Wilkes is stealing it, Whitney Frost (Isodyne’s owner’s wife) walks in and they fight over it. It breaks and sucks up everything, including Wilkes and Frost, or so we think. In the end, we find out Frost is somehow still alive, but still no sign of James Wilkes. I really hope he returns somehow, him and Peggy had some real chemistry and I was getting to trust him with his interesting backstory. Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a strong premiere to come back with. I forgot how exciting and fun this show is. I especially love that there are so many women in the cast. They are the heroes, the villains, and everything in between.  I can’t wait to see what Agent Carter has in store for the rest of the season, hopefully more of Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis.
  • Introduction of Ana Jarvis
  • Peggy kicking ass in stunning outfits
  • The flamingo
  • Witty dialogue
  • Dottie quickly dismissed
  • Unsure of Whitney Frost as a villain


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