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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Eye Spy Review – Huge Improvement Over Last Week

This week’s episode of Marvels’ Agents of SHIELD, “Eye Spy”, was leaps and bounds better than last weeks. By no means was it perfect, but it certainty was an improvement.  We can finally see a family structure emerging with the characters where they all seem a little bit more likeable, but I’m still having trouble rooting for them. This episode also felt darker than the previous episodes and gave more insight into Coulson’s past.

Finally we are seeing more than just Skye trying to cope with everything going on around her. Coulson and Agent May’s relationship was explored and I thoroughly enjoyed their dynamic. Coulson also had some heart to hearts with Skye, which just seemed drawn out. Honestly I don’t care. We know so much about Skye already that I would rather the screen time be devoted to other relationships, or helping develop the story as a whole. The entire episode felt rushed.

Skye and Agent Ward’s relationship has been another focus of the show from the start, and was again focused on in “Eye Spy”. They must work together on the mission. I enjoyed their witty banter back and forth. Overall this was the most entertaining part of the episode, like when Ward was acting as Almador’s eyes and Skye was giving him information through an earpiece. There was the great moment when Ward was instructed to seduce the security guard. This had so much potential, but of course Ward wasn’t into it and beat up the guy instead. Why couldn’t he have tried to seduce him? Ward is supposed to be this amazing agent, yet he can’t even talk his way past a security guard?

Another issue I had with this episode is when Skye, Fitz, and Simmons are all in the van doing techy stuff while Coulson and Ward are in the field. This entire scene should not have happened. First off why are three agents who have no combat ability alone in a car? Then all of a sudden it gets hit out of the blue? It was strange and unnecessary. That’s another bone I have to pick with the show. Why are there three people who have no combat ability in a show that focuses on high action?

Something that Agents of SHIELD did get right this week was their villain. The opening of the episode caught me off guard. At first I thought the men in the red masks must be our bad guy, only to find out that it was Almador an ex SHIELD agent. I liked the dark nature of the opening, when the lights turn back on and we see the severed hand. It was new and something I did not expect form the show. Almador’s whole story was very intriguing. At first we think she is telepathic only to find out she is being controlled by a camera in her eye.

Almador gave us a glimpse into Coulson’s past. He felt responsible for her circumstances. Almost like a father, hmmm maybe because Coulson has finally stepped into the father figure role in the group.  Almador served as a warning to the agents – if you don’t work well with others this could happen to you. Almdor also noticed something was off with Coulson. Was it because she used her ex-ray vision? I liked that she noted on it, because honestly I almost forgot about that entire mystery.

Now lets move on to Simmons and Fitz. I used to find the amusing in the first episodes, but in “Eye Spy” they just seemed annoying.  They were no help in the van when they were under attack. Obviously the surgery scene was good, it was funny but also a bit cringe worthy. Something needs to happened with those two to set them apart. As of now they seem interchangeable.

Overall this episode was a HUGE improvement over last weeks. The storyline was intriguing and the characters actually had conflict. “Eye Spy” was darker but still fun and even had some funny moments, but I’m still not sold on the show. After all the action was wrapped up I’m not looking forward to next week’s episode. Sure I’ll watch it but I won’t be thinking about it during the upcoming week. 


Coolest technology: When the golf ball turned into diamonds. What? That was sick.

Best Fight/Action Scene: Agent Ward escaping the facility.

-The opening scene was genius; I want to see more of that.

-When we find out that Almador’s handler as also being controlled – TWIST!

-So the writing is alien? What? Where is this going?

-The characters are on their way to being more likeable, hopefully this continues.



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