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Agents of SHIELD –Girl in the Flower Dress Review: Too Little, Too Late?

After watching Agents of SHIELD episode five, “Girl in the Flower Dress” I am very confused at to what is going on with this show. To me it felt like this should have been episode two or three in the series. For starters this episode finally addressed some previous issues I was having with the show, but I can’t help feeling like it may be too little too late. If I wasn’t writing reviews for the show, I would have stoped watching after episode three. However, “Girl in the Flower Dress” sure was a huge improvement.

They brought back the most intriguing villain, and overall “evil plot.” Raina, the girl in the flowered dress, is a fabulous villain, especially since she is not what one would expect. She is working with Centipede, bringing up the main protagonist form the pilot episode.  Personally I think this entire season story arch should have been this storyline. It would make for a much more interesting season, and hopefully that’s what is starting to happen.

We are also introduced to a super. Finally! Chan Ho Yin has can produce flames and it is pretty darn sweet to watch. However, SHIELD has warned him not to use his powers and monitors him. So now we are learning more about the SHIELD organization it sounds a bit oppressive. Centipede buys some information form Miles, a member of the Rising Tide, and captures Chan to perform some experiments

Ahh yes Miles, the exceptionally gorgeous Miles, who happens to be in some sort of relationship with Skye. This episode brought back Skye’s double agent status, which kind of came out of left field. I was expecting there to be small clues throughout the season with Skye playing both sides and ultimately having to make a choice in the season finale. Boy was I wrong. I’m glad to see this touched upon again, but I would have liked to see it drawn out a bit more. However, I did enjoy the surprise and like that Skye stayed true to SHIELD the entire time

So as you can see there were defiantly some things “Girl in the Flower Dress” got right. However, I am having a hard time with Chan aka Scorch’s fate. He seemed like an overall nice guy. Sure he was upset that he couldn’t show off his powers, but didn’t seem like the type to go off on a rampage. I get that he was upset about the  experiments performed on him, but SHIELD did warn him not to use his powers. It just baffles me how he ends up turning on SHIELD even when they try to save him. That character development just wasn’t there for me.

Moving on Fitz and Simmons did absolutely nothing of importance this episode. Agent Ward and Skye must once again over come their differences and work together.  There were cool fight scenes and special effects. I’m hoping that this episode will set the tone for the rest of the season with the agents’ main mission to bring down Centipede. I’m also hoping in the episodes to come we see Skye trying to build back trust between her and the rest of the agents. 


Coolest Technology: Honestly there wasn’t anything that super amazing this episode.

Best Fight/Action Scene: Anything with Scorch and his flames. Especially, when they burned his skin. It really showed just how angry he was.

-What are Fitz and Simmons purpose?

-Finally we have a great and dynamic “bad guy.” I hope we see more in upcoming episodes. I’m intrigued in the story. Who was that guy in prison at the end?

-Has the show finally hit its stride?

-More supers please! I loved finally seeing someone with super powers, can we make that happen in every episode.

-Where the agents listening to Skye and Miles hook up? Explain that situation please?

-Rania is a total bad ass, as demonstrated when she won’t hold open the elevator doors leaving the scientist for dead.

-So Skye is really searching for her parents? What? Okay??

-What’s going on with the dialogue?

            “We’re good, right?” “Ah crap. They gave him a name.” – Agent Coulson  



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