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Alan Wake Preview

It was one of the most talked about titles from E3 2009 and after several delays, psychological thriller fans will finally see their dreams turn into living nightmares on May 18, 2010, with the long anticipated release of Alan Wake for the Xbox 360.

For those of you caught unaware, Alan Wake sees the title character, a horror writer, and his wife taking a vacation in a tranquil Pacific Northwestern city trying to help Alan overcome his writer's block. Once in the town though, Alan starts having nightmares and wakes up one night to find his wife is missing and a story he can't remember writing has come to life. As Alan scrounges about the wilderness collecting pages from his otherworldly novel, trying to find his wife and unravel the mystery of where the book came from, he must combat members of the community who have been consumed by a poltergeist-like darkness.

Done in a cinematic like style that sees each level of Alan's exploration broken down into something like episodes out of the X-Files (even with a nice little narrator's "On the last episode of..." montage between levels), Alan Wake is a story that can't help but pull you in.

On that note, I had a chance to catch up with the man behind the story of Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment Lead Writer Sam Lake.

Alan Wake Preview - Ray Carsillo w/ Lead Writer Sam Lake
Video by Jared Bodden


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