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Alan Wake’s Night Springs headed to XBLA

A leaked screenshot, courtesy of XBLA Fans, has revealed that Alan Wake's Night Springs will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. An official reveal has yet to take place, but is scheduled to happen on Monday, November 7th.

Currently it is unknown what type of game it is, but the screenshot shows a Story mode as well as something called Arcade Action. In the original Alan Wake, Night Springs is a Twilight Zone-esque TV show written by Wake himself that can be watched on televisions throughout the game. Possibly the game will take place within the TV show.

Meanwhile, developers at Remedy have already had to come forth to defend their as-yet unannounced title. Some fans apparently aren't happy with an XBLA spin-off. According to Remedy, Night Springs will be "structured like a full release," and contain a "pretty damn impressive storyline that expands the original in some interesting ways." Remedy also hinted that the game will offer plenty of value for money and not be too dissimilar from the original Alan Wake. "Don't you give you value for money...' Heh. Oh, ye of little faith. If you're thinking about this in terms of some kind of a, I don't know, super simplified 'we still use the name but changed everything about it' version of Alan Wake, let me just say that this is not the case. That's all I'm gonna say."

According to a Facebook post, Gameinformer will show the first screenshot next monday, and we will hear more information at the Spike VGA's on December 10th.


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