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Alice Eve a Late Addition to “Men in Black III”

Alice Eve’s star has been on the rise since her starring role in She’s Out of My League. She's been in the running for roles in both Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class. Now, she’s finally nabbed a tentpole role, albeit a small one, in Men in Black III, which reboots production next month.

According to Deadline Hollywood, she’ll be playing the younger Olivia (Emma Thompson plays her in present-day) in the storyline centered on time travel. The MIB Agency hires this character in 1969 as a secretary. Though she’s drop-dead gorgeous (hence the casting of Eve), she’s actually quite intelligent.

The aforementioned almost-castings for “Captain America” and “First Class” indicate that she might be well-suited for sci-fi/action films. Though news of a third MIB film induced eye-rolls the world over, this cast is quite promising.

Production and even preliminary filming on the movie have already begun, but the film has run into some script trouble lately and some rewrites are needed. Presumably, casting Eve in this role has something to do with the needed improvements. 

Eve will be starring alongside John Cusack in the Edgar Allen Poe thriller The Raven later this year. Stay tuned for any further updates on Men in Black III.


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