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All New Grand Theft Auto V Information Roundup

With the three new Grand Theft Auto V trailers this week you would be excused into thinking that you wouldn't be hearing from the game for a while. After all, Rockstar do love to keep us all chomping at the bit for as long as possible. Well you would be wrong as a bunch of previews from a variety of different gaming outlets went online today and some may have some new information that may be of interest to you. But you don’t have time to read all of them, right? So I’ll just collect up all the good stuff and talk about it here for you. There’s also been a bunch of new screenshots and artwork released today which will feature throughout. So let’s get started.

One of the most exciting parts of the new game is the multiple protagonists and we know now a little bit more on how this will work in the game. There will be a character selection wheel which will be split into 4 different triangles. One each for our 3 protagonists whilst the last one is for our multiplayer character. What this means exactly is unclear but it looks like dropping in and out of multiplayer will be almost instantaneous.

You will be able to switch between characters almost at any time, except if you have a wanted level. Dialogue may try and suggest good times to switch such as Michael asking Trevor for help etc. Whilst each character has a certain job to do on missions it is completely up to you which role you take. There are also small differences in how each character plays such as Michael is slower to further enhance their individual personalities. Full player customization also returns including tattoos, haircuts and clothing options.

The characters also have their own skill categories including stamina, shooting, strength, stealth, flying, driving, mechanic and lung capacity. You also have a special category which is different for each character with Trevor having a frenzy mode, Franklin can slow down time whilst driving and Michael has his own take on bullet time. All attributes will improve depending on each player’s way of playing the game like an RPG.

Another exciting feature is the emphasis on heist missions which look to play a much bigger role this time round. The game features smaller mini heists which act as practice for the bigger jobs where players must plan including obtaining vehicles, masks and outfits. And of course you must pick and find the right crew for the job such as paying for more skilled people which results in less profit. You can hire the same crew members and their skills will improve the more you use them. You also get a report after the job is completed which includes dividing the profits between surviving members which may result in a Joker type situation where killing your own team means more profit.

There have also been many refinements to the combat system making it the most fluid GTA game to date. There is a new combat jog which allows you to run with your weapon out but not raised and the camera pulls back over the shoulder to help your view of the action. The targeting options are free aim, soft lock and hard lock which is the same as Max Payne 3 and there will be smoother transitions when moving between cover which sounds similar to Gears of War’s cover system. If you die you will be restarted to a recent checkpoint even if the other two characters survived.

Also mentioned is the return of property purchases which include houses businesses and garages. Extras activities include yoga, tennis, bike races, triathlons, golf, stunt jumps and flying challenges. Your phone can take pictures at any time which can then be uploaded instantly online to Rockstar's Social Club. You can replay old missions at any time through your phone also and there will be a variety of apps available.

Side missions include basic liquor store and ATM robberies but also include ones such as Michael racing a Vinewood star away from the paparazzi. Pedestrians will react to you more than ever before including if they see any illegal behavior trying to take you down or even filming you. Full Weapon and Vehicle customizations is here with many options for both.

Boats will sometimes include extra gear such as a wetsuit, flippers and tanks for deep sea diving. Underwater has been vastly improved to include it’s own ecosystem including fish and sharks. You can also find treasure underwater but random citizens will be searching for these also. Wildlife overall has also been improved and is more similar to Red Dead Redemption to include deer, wildcat and other fitting wildlife and inhabitants unique to specific areas.

So there you have it. Lots to take in and get excited for. One of the biggest things we haven't heard much about yet is the multiplayer which is being kept secretive for now. I expect that will be the main talking point next time Rockstar releases new info outside of the occasional screenshot. But don’t expect that to be any time soon. With E3 looming which Rockstar usually avoids expect new info in the summer.


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