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All New X-men #6 Review “A Character Driven Issue”

All New X-men is one of my favorite Marvel Now series out right now and probably one of my favorite ongoing series from any company. Brian Michael Bendis brings interesting story with every issue. This is the best series to pick up if you want to see all the X-men. If you just want to pick up only one X-men title out of the dozen that are out than pick up this series. With this series you get Cyclop’s team, Wolverine’s team, and even the past X-men’s stories.

The cover is great. I was very excited to read this issue because I am a huge Kitty Pryde fan, and after last cliffhanger from the last story this was a perfect cover to start the issue. Kitty Pryde takes Professor X’s role. Jean Grey is having problems getting use to being a telepath. So, Kitty sits down with her to teach her how to control her power. This is why I loved the concept for this cover because I think it explained that Kitty was taking Professor X’s role with one image.

In this issue, Jean is trying to get use to having a new power. Kitty and Storm try to comfort her through this hard time. The past Cyclops also tries to cope with what he becomes in the future. Wolverine confronts him when Cyclops steals his bike as he tries to explore the new world he now lives in.

I really loved this story.  After having a lot of action in last issue, we get to see how the characters of the past are dealing with knowing their future. You get to see how these character’s feel about the present situation with mutants and Cyclops.

I especially loved the moment with Kitty and Jean. In the past, we never really get to see these two characters interact with each other. It is even mentioned that the old Jean had always been tough with Kitty. So, they never were really friends they were just students that went to the same school. It is very interesting to see the roles switched and Kitty is helping Jean adjusts to her new life and new knowledge about the world. Kitty took Professor X’s role when Jean needed Professor X the most. Kitty did a great job in filling his shoes.


We finally see how Cyclops reacts to his future also.  He doesn’t want to become Scott of the present. He also reacts to the technology of the present. We have to remember that these are not just the characters we love from the past learning about their future selves, but it is also characters learning how technology has changed. There are bottled and phones that have maps. It is funny to see how Cyclops reacts to technology. I hope we get to see more of the past X-men react to technology and pop culture of the present.

The art is great for this series. It is a treat because we get to finally see Wolverine’s team have a book with good art. I always complain that I am not a big fan of Wolverine and the X-men’s art. So, I am glad we get to see our favorite characters finally have good artwork.

Pick up this issue! This is a very character driven story. You get to go into these characters heads. It is a slower issue after all the action that happened in the last issue, which I think was much needed. Sometimes you just need a breather issue. 



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