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All Nighter #1 – Review

The comic, All Nighter #1, has little stand-out moments. It is oddly interesting with little humor.  A reality comic, it has a strong impact when it is not making you feel like you've been sucked into a soap opera for teenage girls. Kit, the main character, has a cynical personality. She seems like the ordinary teenage girl with the boyfriend she can't stay away from, however, she is far from ordinary. David Hahn created a unique main character. Right out of the gate on the first page, Kit tells readers she killed her mother.  I vowed to hate her.  Despite her detestable qualities, however, I was oddly attracted to her character. The narration and undertones about her screwed up life kept me interested.  Kit has a weird range of tween emotions and relationships. I have not been able to get so deeply engrossed in a character since Li'l Depressed Boy Image All Nighter #1 by David HahnKit’s interactions with other characters are pretty boring. Her boyfriend is the only other character that partially grabbed my interest because he is in most of her narration, unlike the other characters.  Her friend Sally-O seems like the average best-friend with a heart of gold. Donna, with no real depth, really annoyed me. She is Kit's mortal enemy/roommate/stereotypical bully of the house.  She is the epitome of the popular girl from high school who could not stop making jokes about any girl that’s different from herself.   The comic is mostly about a day in the life of Kit. Her mothers' murder is the most intriguing part of the issue but it is mostly downplayed. I stay interested thoughout, mostly because I so curious to how and why the event happens. As Kit's character evolves, the comic does not feel rushed and the pace feels a bit sluggish on a few pages.  The ending is a big disappointment.  Surprisingly, David Hahn creates a punky feel to the artwork. He successfully creates a mood that does not distract from the story.  The decision to keep the comic in black-and-white with minimal details was probably a good idea, since it would have given off a cartoony-feel.  For a comic that manages to touch dark topics like murder, All Nighter mostly deals with light issues.  Kit is a fascinating character and probably one of the best new characters I’ve seen lately. All Nighter kept reminding me of Li'l Depressed Boy  with a relatable story and characters.  This realism makes All Nighter deep, creative, and enticing to read.           Overall Score – 8.4/10 *Easily getting a second printing.  Worth any comic fan's time and money.*


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